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Can ASAP Metal Components deliver a building anywhere in the continental United States?

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the US.  Our building quote will itemize the freight to deliver your building, and our Building Consultants are trained to determine the most economical package for you. (There are a few metropolitan areas which have excessive red tape and severe code restrictions.)

What are the buildings made of?

Our buildings are all steel construction. The weight of steel for the main structural members is carefully calculated by our engineers, considering the loads (like wind and snow) the building may have. The standard gauge of sheeting is 26 gauge, however the panel configuration has a great deal to do with its strength.

What is included in the advertised price?

Out advertised price includes all the steel, sheeting, fasteners and trim for the basic building. Freight and taxes are extra. Because everyone has different door and accessory requirements, those items are added and listed separately for your convenience on your building quote. There are several variables which will affect your final building cost, including wind and snow loads, freight and local taxes. Once we have determined those variables, our Building Consultants will prepare an itemized quote for you.

What will freight cost?

There is no exact rule on freight charges. The cost will depend on the weight of the building. If it is a full semi trailer load, the cost will be $1.65 to $1.85 per loaded mile. On smaller buildings, we try to combine 2 or more buildings on one trailer and pass savings on to each customer.

Are the buildings painted?

Yes, the walls and trim are painted with a long-lasting factory-applied paint. Attractive color combinations are available on all our buildings. Our standard roof sheets are Galvalume, which has a shiny aluminum appearance. (Because a Galvalume roof reflects the sky, the roof appears white when viewed from the ground on our standard 1:12 and 2:12 sloped roofs.) A painted roof is an extra cost option on our buildings. View a sample ASAP warranty.

Does the building trim have a hemmed edge?

Yes, we take the extra time and expense to roll the edge of trim pieces. This gives it a neat, straight finish that has several benefits. First, the trim is safer to install because there are no raw edges. Second, the hemmed edge gives the trim added strength. Third, the raw edge of the trim is not exposed to the elements, eliminating rust and corrosion. Fourth, the hemmed trim looks great and you’ll be especially proud of your new building.

Are the buildings insulated?

We offer several types and weights of insulation specifically designed for steel buildings. Specific information on our insulation is included in our brochure, and insulation will be itemized on your building quote if you request.

Are the corrugations in the sheeting sealed?

Fitted foam closures are standard at the eave and base of all buildings.  These tough closures help prevent dust, snow, insects, rodents and birds from entering your building.

How long does it take to get a building?

Because we engineer and produce every building for each customers specific needs, our delivery time is generally about 8 weeks from the time we receive your order. However, this varies from season to season, and may be as short as 6 weeks or as long as 12 weeks for complex projects. Our building consultant can give you a better idea after reviewing your situation.

What about building codes and loads?

Every building is engineered for a specific building code and specific wind and snow loads. If your local building department requires a particular code and loading, we will design your building to meet his requirements and provide drawings stamped and certified by a registered engineer. Some buildings require no stamped, certified drawings in which case ASAP will engineer your building using roof and wind loads from historical data compiled for your county.

Who will erect my building?

Many of our customers erect their own buildings. We provide erection drawings and an erection manual for every building shipped. Our customer service department is only a phone call away at our convenient 888 number. If you want an experienced crew to erect your building, and cannot find one locally, we may be able to locate one for you.  There are dealers, contractors and erectors throughout the country who have successfully erected many of our buildings.

What type of foundation is needed for a pre-engineered steel building?

A steel building will last a long, long time. However, it relies on a solid foundation to carry the loads from wind and snow. In some cases a foundation engineer will need to provide you with certified foundation plans for your project. ASAP does not provide these certified foundation plans because the type and quality of soil along with water table considerations need to be addressed by each builder locally to insure a proper foundation. For rural, non-certified applications there are general guidelines for a solid foundation that can be applied to most building situations.

Is there a ASAP Metal near me that I can go look at?

ASAP Metal has delivered buildings all over the country, and there may be one near you. In consideration for our customers, we do not publish a list of these buildings. However, you may call one of our Building Consultants who will check to see if there’s a building in your area and provide the phone number of the owner. Many of our clients will gladly show off their building when you call!

Other questions??

Give us a call at 1-888-348-4262.

One of our helpful Building Consultants can help you with your concerns and questions.